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Chris Johnson at London Drum Show 2014

Can’t express how excited I am to be apart of the LDS this year. I’m so ready to share what’s been on my heart for all these years. Thanks to everyone who’s supported me in my career through all these years. From Donnie McKlurkin to Rising Star. From 1999 to 2014. Tickets to the show is only 25 pounds. I promise to shake every hand, take every photo with all my supporters and Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If at all Possible lol. Hope to see you all.



The hesitation sets in when I feel like something is corny

Listening to albums and dissecting sounds, lyrics, feel emotion behind the music is a big task. As a songwriter/composer its very important to know all the elements it take to make a great album. In the beginning stages of my album I have sat and thought long and hard about the approach. Concepts and everything have been going thru my head and with the help of some dope friends and musicians we’ve come up with a dope concept. The hesitation […]

When touring in S Africa a had the opportunity to hike up Table Mountain in Capetown S Africa. It was a 3hr hike to the top. It had some easy spot and also had rough spots as well. I can’t tell you how many doubts I had in my head looking at this monster of a hill. I was so determined to make it to the top I put all of that worry and doubt to the side and realized […]

Vinnie Colaiuta, John Bonham, Chris Dave, George Johnson, Mike Nueble, Aaron Spears, Mike Reid, and Spanky McCurdy to name a few. I like them all in different ways.

Interview on The Music Channel!Chris-Johnson/cu6k/82C1605D-DD2C-4864-9331-4749F8438BC3 1. What inspired you to start playing? Same story as most. Started in church around the age of 8 or 9. Not really sure ,but I know I was beating down Pots and pans, lamp shades, pretty much any thing I could get me hands on at a very young age. 2. Do you play any other instrument besides drums? In my head I do, but the real answer is no! I wanted […]

Approach the song that you are just getting the chart to and playing it like the 100th show of a tour

After touring for years and years you get used to playing like a robot after the first 5 shows. Trying to find a way to make every show fresh and new without disrespecting the integrity of the music. Its a hard task but can be done. Let’s not forget about muscle memory and after you 100th show you could play it falling asleep. lol But seriously its something you can find yourself uninterested at times and stagnate. The challenge is […]

New life, new level of career, new look, and greater things to come

This is the new website for Chris Johnson. New life, new level of career, new look, and greater things to come. Please feel free to search and look out for new things happening this year. Here you will find a weekly blog of things on my mind. It could be sports, music, life, God, shoes, my two pretty little girls of mine. This is a new journey for me and I’d love your support and love. If you’re new then […]